Mission: To advocate for unity through demonstration of Gods love.

The Hate Won't Win Movement was started in light of the church massacre that took place at “Mother” Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC on June 17th, 2015. That night, a bible study was held where a white stranger visited and was invited into a predominately black church. The members there invited this stranger into their bible study and he in turn he shot and killed nine people. In the bond hearing of the shooter, Alana Simmons, the granddaughter of Rev. Daniel L. Simmons Sr. (one of the victims), said these words; “It is my understanding that the purpose of this shooting was to initiate a race war. And although my grandfather and the other victims dies at the hands of hate, they lived in love and they preached love, and their legacies will be love. This display of forgiveness by the families and their plea for mercy on your soul is a true testament to how they lived and so hate wont win.”


To create a more culturally cohesive society that appreciates and celebrates differences instead of allowing them to divide us. Through implementation of several initiatives that focus on awareness, healing, and equity, the Hate Wont Win Movement, Inc organization intends to unite a society through the heart, then the head.



To witness a humanity that openly and willingly works to create and sustain an equitable society for people of all races, religions, social classes, and orientations because of the love of thy neighbor.





Hate Wont Win Movement, Inc. primarily focuses on initiatives to increase values in the following areas;



Hate Won’t Win Movement, Inc has nine values we follow in honor of the legacy of the victims

and five initiatives we implement in honor the survivors of “Mother” Emmanuel AME church massacre.


Hate Wont Win Movement, Inc. is dedicated to;